Phil is a musician and photographer based in Melbourne Australia. Phil started experimenting with music and photography in the 90’s during high school in northern NSW.

Phil moved to Sydney in 1995 after school with his band 7zark7 and also played in the well renowned Sydney band 2 Litre Dolby.

In 1998 Phil moved to Melbourne and continued to play with 2 litre dolby until the band parted ways in mid 2000. Shortly after Phil and 2 Litre Dolby bandmate Leo Mullins formed The Small Knives and were signed to Candle records in 2003.

The Small Knives shared stages with Nick Cave, The Dirty Three, Iron and Wine, Bill Callahan (Smog), Evan Dando, Art of Fighting, Preston School of Industry, Mark Eitzel, Machine Translations, New Buffalo, Gersey and Architecture in Helsinki.

The Small Knives played their last gig in 2009 at the Australian version of All Tomorrow’s Parties Festival at Mount Buller.

Phil has also founded numerous businesses in Melbourne and continues to work with photography, music and videography in his business Marcadet which specialises in design, imagery and video for small business and artists.